Annual Course Schedule - BPHM

Please note that SCPS may cancel, modify, or make substitutions as deemed necessary in any given semester.  

PSHM 3010 An Introduction to Healthcare Management: Applying Concepts to Practice (Required)
PSHM 3050 Current Issues in Healthcare (1-credit, Elective)
PSHM 4020 Management of Health Care Organizations (Required)
PSHM 4052 Global Health Care (2-credits, Elective)
PSHM 4650 American Healthcare: Challenges & Opportunities (Required)
PSHM 4750 Organizational Behavior & Leadership in Health Care (Elective)
PSHM 4800 Health Sciences Management Internship (1-2 credits, Required)
PSHM 4900 Capstone I: Development of Health Sciences Management Project (Required)
HR 4020 Human Resource Management (Elective)

PSHM 4050 Understanding Diversity in Health Care (2-credits, Elective)
PSHM 4300 Population Health: Programs, Policy & Epidemiology (Required)
PSHM 4400 Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences (Required)
PSHM 4600 Service Excellence in Health Care: Quality Improvement & Customer Service (Required)
PSHM 4700 Economics and Finance of Health Care (Required)
PSHM 4950 Capstone II: Implementation of Health Sciences Management Project (Required)
IT 3220 Introduction to Information Technology (Elective)

PSHM 3080: Legal & Ethical Decision-Making in Health Care (Requirement)
PSHM 3805 Health Information Systems & Applications (Requirement)
PSHM 4200 Women’s Health Issues: Access, Treatment & Policy (Elective)
PSHM 4800 Health Sciences Management Internship (2-3 credits, Required)


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