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Annual Course Schedule - BPHM

Please note that SCPS may cancel, modify, or make substitutions as deemed necessary in any given semester.  

PSHM 3010 An Introduction to Healthcare Management: Applying Concepts to Practice (Required)
PSHM 3050 Current Issues in Healthcare (1-credit, Elective)
PSHM 4020 Management of Health Care Organizations (Required)
PSHM 4052 Global Health Care (2-credits, Elective)
PSHM 4650 American Healthcare: Challenges & Opportunities (Required)
PSHM 4750 Organizational Behavior & Leadership in Health Care (Elective)
PSHM 4800 Health Sciences Management Internship (1-2 credits, Required)
PSHM 4900 Capstone I: Development of Health Sciences Management Project (Required)
HR 4020 Human Resource Management (Elective)

PSHM 4050 Understanding Diversity in Health Care (2-credits, Elective)
PSHM 4300 Population Health: Programs, Policy & Epidemiology (Required)
PSHM 4400 Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences (Required)
PSHM 4600 Service Excellence in Health Care: Quality Improvement & Customer Service (Required)
PSHM 4700 Economics and Finance of Health Care (Required)
PSHM 4950 Capstone II: Implementation of Health Sciences Management Project (Required)
IT 3220 Introduction to Information Technology (Elective)

PSHM 3080: Legal & Ethical Decision-Making in Health Care (Requirement)
PSHM 3805 Health Information Systems & Applications (Requirement)
PSHM 4200 Women’s Health Issues: Access, Treatment & Policy (Elective)
PSHM 4800 Health Sciences Management Internship (2-3 credits, Required)

* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

Student Spotlight

The faculty are deeply engaged on an everyday basis with their students. And interacting with classmates working in different parts of health care was eye-opening.
A photograph of Jackie Maier

Jackie Maier


Like many SCPS students, Jackie saw her path to promotion blocked by the absence of a four-year degree on her resumé. As a licensed physical therapist assistant, she found that the health sciences program was a perfect fit for her interests and career aspirations. She was able to transfer credits earned in her applied science associate’s degree program, and is now well on her way to assuming a management role in her field.

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