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Individuals may enroll in on-Grounds courses on a part-time basis, without applying to a degree program, by registering as a Community Scholar. Day and evening classes are open to Community Scholars on a space available basis and by permission to:

  • Complete prerequisites for graduate or professional school
  • Explore subjects for personal enrichment
  • Attain skills for career development or advancement
  • Earn college credit as a visiting college student or high school student

In the fall and spring, individuals may register for classes in all schools and colleges at the University, except the School of Medicine, Darden School of Business, the School of Law, the School of Education and Human Development and the School of Data Science. Instructor permission is required for all classes, labs or discussion sections. A copy of the email from the instructor granting permission will be accepted as proof of instructor permission. Additional signatures may be required by select schools and colleges (noted below), and for certain courses. Several schools and colleges restrict the number of courses eligible under Community Scholar.  

Individuals registering as Community Scholars are governed by the University add/drop dates and refund policies.

UPDATE: August 11, 2021

Fall Registration Is Now Open for Community Scholar Students: COMMUNITY SCHOLAR FORM HERE

Note: All students, including Community Scholars, who plan to live, learn, or work in-person at the University of Virginia during the 2021-2022 academic year must be fully vaccinated and provide proper verification, or approved exemption documents, prior to the first day of the semester. Students who are not vaccinated and do not qualify for an exemption will not be permitted to come to Grounds. More information is available here

All registration materials must be submitted online. This includes Senior Waivers and High School Community Scholars who plan to enroll in on-Grounds class offerings. 

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies will do all it can to accommodate requests from our Community Scholars. During these changing times, however, the University must continue to prioritize the registration needs of its degree-seeking students. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Enrollment Team at SCPS is ready to serve our students in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or at 800-346-3882 should you require assistance or have any questions.

Browse the SIS Class Search to find classes offered this semester. 


Enrollment Requirements by School

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School of Architecture

The signature of the School’s Registrar Sharon McDonald (434.924.3937 or [email protected]) is required AFTER obtaining the instructor’s signature.  A lifetime maximum of four courses may be taken as a Community Scholar.

College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

For all English courses number 8000 and above, advance approval is required. Contact Victoria Olwell ([email protected]).

For all courses in the Department of Politics, advance approval is required. Contact [email protected]. Include a copy of the email indicating approval with your registration materials.

For all Psychology courses, advance approval is required. Contact the department at [email protected] before seeking the instructor’s permission.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Select evening and online courses are available through the School's Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) and Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM). Please contact Susan Chisholm at [email protected] in the BIS office or in the BPHM office PRIOR to obtaining instructor permission.  

Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy

Advance approval is required.  Official/unofficial transcripts, including transcripts from UVA, and documentation of instructor permission must be submitted with the Class Registration Form for Community Scholar, at least two weeks prior to the start of classes. The SCPS Registrar will submit transcripts, forms, and documentation of instructor permission to the Batten School Registrar for approval. Community Scholars may not enroll in classes required for the Master of Public Policy. However, they may be eligible to enroll in elective courses, most of which are numbered in the 6700s.

McIntire School of Commerce

For all courses numbered 3000 and above, advance approval is required. Community Scholars may not register for courses numbered from 3010 – 3060. Official/unofficial transcripts, including transcripts from UVA, must be submitted with the Class Registration Form for Community Scholar, at least two weeks prior to the start of classes. The SCPS Registrar will submit transcripts and forms to the Commerce School for the Dean’s approval and instructor signature.

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Registrations are handled directly through School of Engineering & Applied Science and not through SCPS. Contact 434.924.3072 for more details.  

School of Nursing

Community Scholars may only register for certain NUIP courses. Please check with the School's Registrar, by emailing [email protected] for eligible options. After securing instructor's signature/email approval, please secure the signature/email approval of the School's Registrar.

Eligibility for High School/Home School Students and Diploma Holders


The University reserves the right to not enroll an individual based on class size or lack of prerequisite education.

Individuals with a minimum of a high school diploma may register in no more than two courses each fall and spring, along with any dependent laboratory or discussion sessions, for a maximum of 11.5 credits. All course prerequisites must be met, and proof of an undergraduate degree is required for graduate-level courses (UVA alumni do not require verification).

Academically advanced high school juniors and seniors may be granted permission to register in one course per term, after meeting all eligibility requirements. First-time high school and home school students must complete an interview and/or attend an orientation session. 

Requirements for High School Students

  • Minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0
  • Current high school transcript
  • Signed Community Scholar Parent/Guardian Permission to Enroll Form
  • Letter of recommendation from the high school principal, director, or guidance counselor attesting to the student’s preparedness and ability to be successful in the intended UVA course, and verifying that the course is unavailable through the high school

Requirements for Home Schooled Students