FAQ - Leadership In Human Resources Management

How many courses per semester may I take?

We do not have any limits on the number of courses that a student may take each semester.  However, we recommend to students with a full time work schedule to take only one or two courses per semester. The annual course schedule maps out a typical class progression. Typically, students take one or two courses per semester to finish in 12 months. 

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

No. The courses are not sequential.

Are all of the courses in the Certificate in Leadership in Human Resources Management offered online?


Can I enroll in just a few courses? I'm not interested in applying to and earning the certificate?


Can I take courses before applying for admission to the program?

Individuals must apply to and be offered admission to earn a certificate. A maximum of two courses that will count towards satisfying the requirements for the certificate may be taken at SCPS prior to admission.

I'm interested in applying for admission and earning the certificate. Must I have a degree and experience in the field of human resources to apply?

Yes. An undergraduate degree (in any field) is required for admission to the graduate certificate program. Experience in the human resources-related field as a manager, supervisor or team leader is helpful. However, typical career switcher students are working non-human resources professionals from a range of backgrounds, for example, teachers, lawyers, business and finance professionals. ;

Can I transfer credit into this program from another institution?

Transfer credits are not accepted for this graduate certificate.

What grades must I earn to be awarded the certificate?

Students must earn a B- or better in all courses required for the certificate to be awarded. Should a grade fall below a B-, the student has the option of retaking the course in order to complete the requirements and be awarded the certificate.   

Does this program lead to a degree program?

The Certificate in Leadership in Human Resources Management is designed to be a stand-alone certificate program that provides the knowledge and skills essential to the Human Resources Management profession. However, if you think you might be interested in pursuing a master’s or other degree at some point, you are encouraged to contact your institutions of choice for their specific policies on the acceptance of transfer credit.

Is this a prep course for HR certification?

No. This certificate program is not an approved certification preparation course. However, the content is current and relevant to the human resources profession. The certificate is consistent with the Society for Human Resources Management professional competency model known as SHRM BASKTM (Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge).

Will this program help me get a job?

Along with your previous experience and education, completion of the certificate program and received credential supports the body of knowledge you bring to the human resources field to increase your employment potential.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of human resources managers is projected to grow 9 percent through 2024, faster than the average for all occupations.

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