Advising - Post Bacc Pre-Med

Individualized Support

The Post Bacc Pre-Med Program's staff and faculty provide individualized support to students.  Program staff members are available to meet with each student to discuss their unique professional, academic and personal experiences, application materials, and strategize their medical selections.  In addition, every student participates in mock interviews to ensure they are prepared to succeed in the medical school admissions process. The tailored support continues throughout the glide year until each student's professional goal is recognized.

Students are encouraged to contribute to collaborative learning environment by studying together and helping one another as they move through this intensive academic experience.  With a 95% acceptance rate, there is enough room at the top for all the students to be academically successful.  In addition, professors, teaching assistants, and program staff members provide academic and personal support.

Beyond the classroom, students share the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library with UVA medical students and take advantage of volunteer opportunities through the UVA Health System, which includes a brand new Level 1 trauma center, a National Cancer Institute designated cancer center and a nationally ranked children's hospital.

Program Staff

Susan Salko, M.S., Program Director
Susan Salko brings over 20 years of experience advising pre-medical students at premier institutions across the country as well as three years of experience serving as a member of a medical school admissions committee. As Program Director, she provides both admissions workshops and one-on-one advising to students as they prepare for the medical school admissions process. In addition, she assists with glide year planning and continually supports students beyond graduation as they move towards their goal of becoming a physician. Susan also oversees the admissions committee for the Post Bacc Pre-Medical Program and develops resources to augment students’ academic and professional experiences within the program.

Jillian Golaszewski, M.A., Academic Advisor
Jillian Golaszewski has spent the past decade working in graduate and medical school admissions. After reading thousands of medical school applications, she uses her admissions perspective to work individually with post bacc pre-medical students to prepare their best application portfolio for the medical school admissions process. Jillian acts as the point person for prospective students, serves on the admissions committee for the Post Bacc Pre-Medical Program, facilitates course registration for current students, and offers any other academic and professional support that students might need to be successful in the program and the medical school admissions process.

Charles M. Grisham, Ph.D, Academic Director
Charlie Grisham is a Professor and Associate Chair in the University of Virginia Department of Chemistry where he has taught biochemistry, introductory chemistry, and physical chemistry for more than 40 years. In addition to teaching a post bacc only section of biochemistry each spring semester, Professor Grisham is taking on the Academic Director role where he will host regular office hours throughout the academic year in order to support each student’s academic success. He is the author of several university-level textbooks and a developer of computer software devoted to teaching and learning biochemistry. 

Robert D. Powers, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Advisor
A professor in the University of Virginia School of Medicine Departments of Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Dr. Powers has spent more than 30 years in academic practice.  He sees patients and teaches in the inpatient internal medicine wards, palliative care, and outpatient adult clinics. As part of the Post Bacc Pre-Med Program, Dr. Powers serves on the admissions committee and contributes to program administration and student advising.  In addition, Dr. Powers teaches a Post Bacc seminar on the structure, function, financing, and challenges of the American health care system.  He also supervises and coordinates clinical orientation and shadowing experiences for students, enabling them to get direct exposure to patient care and medical practice.

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* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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