Student Testimonials

Hear what our former students have to say about the program

PBPM class outside under a cherry tree
Walt Simkins

Oklahoma State University, Accounting & Finance, 2009 
UVA PBPM ’22-’23
University of Virginia School of Medicine

"The structure, resources, and advisement of the UVA PBPM were invaluable during my pre-med journey. Susan and Jillian have refined the application cycle down to a science and helped to source volunteer opportunities, review my AMCAS application, arrange MCAT study sessions, and provide mock interviews. The breadth of shadowing opportunities in the UVA Health System is a major strength for those who want to explore varied specialties. The structure and accountability of the program helped me to successfully submit my med school applications within 12 months of matriculation. Additionally, I think the alumni network is the best-kept and most underappreciated secret of the program. The informative phone calls with alumni from many different schools really helped me to write secondary applications and prepare for interviews."

Matthew Ehrenburg

College of Wooster, Communication Sciences & Disorders & Spanish, 2016 
UVA PBPM ’20-21
Baylor University College of Medicine MD/PHD Program

"Despite the challenges of isolation during COVID, the program fostered a strong sense of community and camaraderie. This environment, coupled with tailored mentorship and resources, has propelled me toward my goal of becoming a physician-scientist. Despite limited prior experience in supporting M.D./Ph.D. applicants, UVA PBPM’s adaptability and dedication ensured I received unparalleled guidance, equipping me not only with the necessary knowledge and skills for medical school but also with the confidence and resilience to navigate the complex path ahead."

Rachel Fox

Duke University, Neuroscience, 2018
UVA PBPM ’20-21
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

"Once I decided to go to medical school, I wanted to get there as quickly as possible. Consequently, I was drawn to UVA PBPM for its single-year schedule, structured curriculum, and PBPM-exclusive classes. In particular, I really enjoyed Dr. Powers’ US Healthcare class since I previously worked in health policy and wanted to stay involved in policy throughout my medical career. UVA PBPM advisors and faculty were flexible and understanding in meeting our needs during a difficult experience in the COVID-19 pandemic, and I couldn’t have made such a difficult life transition without them."

Jasmin Kamruddin

African & African American Studies and Political Science, Stanford University 
2019 Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, 2019-2020
Tufts University School of Medicine

"The program served as a valuable time in my premedical education, more than I would have thought. I appreciated the forward advising received from day one that demystified the application process and gave so much more detail than I was used to with undergraduate premedical advising. I also appreciated the community UVA PBPM fosters. My peers were my lifeline through a stressful year and continue to be through the application process; we've cheered each other on and been there for each other when we feel stressed. That is not something you get everywhere, and I was grateful to have had it here."

Steve Quam

B.A. in English, Oberlin College, 2014
Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, 2017-2018
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“I really appreciated the community that the UVA post bacc program fostered–it was a great group of people to learn with and be supported by, and I anticipate that many of those friendships will continue even as we scatter across the country to different medical schools. I also learned a ton at UVA and had a lot of fun doing it. It is definitely a lot, but I really enjoyed the professors that we had and found the education experience very rewarding.”

Cooper Barber

B.S. in Aeronautics, University of North Dakota, 2007
Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, 2016-2017
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

“As a true career changer, the UVa Postbac program provided me with a structured introduction and professional guidance towards the world of medical school acceptance. The staff was utterly committed to my success and ensured I was prepared to the best of my abilities in order to apply for and ultimately get accepted into a number of quality Medical Schools.”

Macy Early

B.A. in Economics, University of Virginia, 2016
Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, 2016-2017
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“UVA PBPM combined rigor with support, from supportive scientific faculty to supportive clinical and volunteering experiences to supportive advising assistance. I believed I could trust the system and received specialized guidance and feedback from professors and mentors. My application process was holistically supported by individuals who were invested and knowledgeable. Frankly, I don’t know how I would have prepared for and applied to medical school as a traditional pre-med!”

Zev Gurman

B.A. in Russian & Eastern European Cultural Studies, Pomona College, 2011
Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, 2016-2017
University of Virginia School of Medicine

“I chose UVA over other similar programs because of the people and the location. Basic science classes, especially pre-med prerequisite courses, are highly standardized in content, so that was not a consideration. Instead, I chose to go where the vibe was the most cooperative and laid back; where the administrative staff and faculty were most interested in their students as people. I also found that the courses were exceptionally well taught and prepared me very well for the MCAT. In the end, I really didn’t need to do too much extra studying because we had covered everything so thoroughly in class. This is largely due to an incredible group of professors! I still feel that I made the right decision!”

Diana Wise

B.A. in Neuroscience & Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College, 2015
Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, 2016-2017
Stanford University School of Medicine

“I really appreciated the size of the program and the relationships I made with my peers. It was inspiring to me to have driven and supportive people going through the same thing and with similar goals. It made difficult and rigorous courses very doable. I also greatly appreciated the medical school application and MCAT support from the program staff. I felt that I applied to the right schools for me and had a lot of knowledge and practice going into interviews which definitely helped lead to a successful application process.”