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The concentration in health care management includes 24 credits comprised of six required health care management courses and two health care management electives. The concentration is designed to provide new educational and employment opportunities for adult learners seeking to complete their undergraduate degree with a liberal arts education and a professional focus in the health care field. Courses develop students’ foundational knowledge and skills in the key areas of health care systems and management. Apply now! 

Students in the health care management concentration are also required to take two ISLS courses and two 4000-level ISIN Special Topics in the Conduct of Inquiry (one in Humanities, and one in Social Sciences) courses.

The the courses are online, typically in a synchronous format. The courses are taken concurrently with students in the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM).

Required Health Care Management Courses

  • PSHM 3010 Introduction to Healthcare Management: Applying Concepts to Practice
  • PSHM 3080 Legal & Ethical Decision-making in Health Care
  • PSHM 4020 Management of Health Care Organizations
  • PSHM 4300  Introduction to Population Health: Programs, Policies & Epidemiology
  • PSHM 4650 American Health Care: Challenges & Opportunities
  • PSHM 4700 Economics & Finance of Health Care

Elective Health Care Management Courses
Select two or three for a total of six credits.  Electives vary by semester.  

  • PSHM 3050 Current Issues in Health Care (1 credit)
  • PSHM 4050 Understanding Diversity in Health Care (2 credits)
  • PSHM 3805 Health Information Systems & Applications
  • PSHM 4052 Global Health Care (2 credits)
  • PSHM 4200 Women’s Health Issues: Access, Treatment & Policy
  • PSHM 4400 Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences
  • PSHM 4600 Service Excellence in Health Care: Quality Improvement & Customer Service
  • PSHM 4750 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Care
  • HR 4020 Human Resource Management
  • HR 4030 Organizational Change & Development
  • IT 3220 Strategic Business Value of Information Technology

Students in the health care management concentration are also required to take 18 credits of degree electives outside of the health care management courses. These vary by semester and may include courses in disciplines such as anthropology, art, art history, architectural history, classics, drama, economics, history, literature, music, philosophy, politics, religion, and sociology.

For more information please reach out to an Enrollment Advisor. Call us at 800.346.3882 or email SCPSINQUIRY@VIRGINIA.EDU

* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

Faculty Spotlight

I want my students to realize that good writing just doesn’t happen. You have to work at it.
A photograph of Charlotte Matthews

Charlotte Matthews


Charlotte Matthews is a well-regarded poet with three full-length poetry collections to her name. Also an associate professor in the BIS program, she delivers rigorous instruction in writing and revision while encouraging students to develop their own voice. In 2018, Charlotte received the Adelle F. Robertson Award, the school’s highest honor, for sustained excellence in providing new knowledge, instruction, and public service to the people, organizations, and institutions served by the University.

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It is extremely energizing to teach adult students, especially the highly motivated students in our program.
A photograph of Stephen Levine

Stephen Levine


Stephen is an associate professor in BIS, and also serves as the program director. He has been teaching courses on U.S. cultural history since 2006, and, in addition to his work as an instructor, strives to increase access and flexibility at UVA to help adult learners reach their academic goals. Under his leadership, students are now able to complete the BIS degree entirely online.

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Student Spotlight

It was very important to me to set an example for my three children. And earning my degree was a source of personal satisfaction.
A photograph of Marisela Perez

Marisela Perez


As a part-time student and working mother of three, Marisela took advantage of flexible learning opportunities and employer reimbursement to earn her bachelor’s from SCPS. After completing her associate’s degree at a local community college, she enrolled in the BIS program part-time. She completed her degree online after relocating from Charlottesville to California, and now works as an accounting manager for Tri-Dim, who sponsored her SCPS studies.

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I'm in a managerial position now. An SCPS degree provided the foundation for advancing in my career.
A photograph of Clifton Jones

Clifton Jones


When Clifton began his academic career at UVA, it was as a biomedical engineering student in the rigorous Engineering School. Three years in, however, he realized that this field was not for him. He left Charlottesville to enter the workforce, and started applying his talents at a youth arts organization in Washington, DC. Now returning to UVA as a BIS student, Clifton is completing his undergraduate degree in his true area of interest, and is collecting skills that will help him advance his creative career.

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At orientation, everyone was kind and supportive, and they make you feel welcomed as a UVA student. You get all the services you would expect from a university like this. It is amazing.
A photograph of Jesús Pino

Jesús Pino


Jesús came to SCPS by way of his home city of Córdoba, where he developed a passion for photography as the co-founder of a bimonthly arts and culture magazine. When he relocated to the United States for his wife’s job, he decided to advance his photography and advertising career with an undergraduate degree. Now a bachelor’s student at BIS, he’s making connections, developing expertise, and gaining experience in pursuit of his dream job.

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