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Complete Your Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management Degree Online

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM) is an online program for working adults with allied healthcare backgrounds – like emergency medical services, medical laboratory technology, occupational and physical therapy assisting, radiography, respiratory therapy, and sonography – who want to advance into leadership roles.

Transfer to UVA as a third-year student and complete at least 60 credits to earn the BPHM degree.

Start DatesAugust, January
Estimated Cost$31,560 (same in-state and out-of-state)
Duration3.5 - 5 years
FormatPart-time: online, in-person orientation in Charlottesville, one day face-to-face immersion in the fall semester
Next Application DeadlineMay 15, 2019 for Fall 2019 term

BPHM Curriculum

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM) includes 120 credits of required and elective courses, consisting of general education, health science technical requirements and electives, major core requirements, and advanced (restricted) electives. 

Students will earn 60 transferable credits for the degree within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) or other comparable system and complete their remaining credits at the University of Virginia as third- and fourth-year students. Please consult the Summary of VCCS Transfer Courses.  

60 Transfer Credits Include:

General Education
Students will complete 23 of their 38 general education requirements as community college students. They will completely fulfill the requirements in English composition (6 credits) as well as in the natural sciences and math (11 credits). Precalculus does not satisfy the math requirement. They are also expected to have completed 3 credits in the humanities/fine arts and 3 credits in social sciences/history. 

Health Sciences Technical Requirements & Electives
Students will complete the requirement for their allied health major as community college students. Please consult the following sample degree maps:

Transfer Map A.A.S. in Emergency Medical Services
Transfer Map A.A.S. in Health Information Management
Transfer Map A.A.S. in Medical Laboratory Technology
Transfer Map A.A.S. in Occupational Therapy Assistant
Transfer Map A.A.S. in Physical Therapy Assistant

Transfer Map A.A.S. in Radiology
Transfer Map A.A.S. in Respiratory Therapy
Transfer Map A.A.S. in Sonography

Students may also complete the requirement for their allied health field through an approved certificate program. These students must also have a transferable degree, i.e. Associates of Arts, Associates of Arts and Sciences, or Associates of Sciences. Please consult the following sample degree map: 

Transfer Map - VCCS to BPHM - Transferable Degrees

60 Credits Earned at UVA Include:

General Education
Students will complete 6 credits in humanities/fine arts and 9 in social sciences/history. At least 3 credits for the general education requirement must deal substantially with a non-Western culture.

Major Core Requirements
Students will complete 33 credits of major core requirements at UVA. The core requirements focus on competencies required for success in health care: communication, relationship management, professionalism, knowledge of heath care and business skills, and business principles and leadership.

PSHM 3010Introduction to Health Care Management: Applying Concepts to Practice*
PSHM 3080Legal & Ethical Decision-Making in Health Care
PSHM 3805Health Information Systems & Applications
PSHM 4200Management of Health Care Organizations
PSHM 4300 Introduction to Population Health: Programs, Policy & Epidemiology
PSHM 4400 Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences 
PSHM 4600Service Excellence in Health Care: Quality Improvement & Customer Service*
PSHM 4650American Health Care: Challenges & Opportunities*
PSHM 4700Economics & Finance of Health Care
PSHM 4800Health Sciences Management Internship & Career Development+
PSHM 4900Capstone Course I: Development of the Health Sciences Management Project*+
PSHM 4950 Capstone Course II: Health Sciences Management Project: Implementation+

*Limited on-Grounds experience in Charlottesville; remainder of course completed online.
+Two-credit course.

Advanced (Restricted) Electives
Students will earn 12 credits from the University. Students can take additional courses in the PSHM 3051-59 and 4051-59 series as electives as long as the course numbers and topics are different. 

PSHM 3050Current Issues in Health Care (1 credit) - Recommended for first semester
PSHM 4050Understanding Diversity in Health Care+
PSHM 4052Global Health Care+
PSHM 4750Organizational Behavior & Leadership in Health Care
HR 4020Human Resources Management
HR 4030Organizational Change & Development
IT 3220Strategic Business Value of Information Technology

+Two-credit course.

The information contained on this web site is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements

Online, in-person orientation in Charlottesville, one day face-to-face immersion in the fall semester.
On average, students take two courses per term, including the summer, and take three and a half to five years to complete the degree.
admission requirements
Fall 2019: May 15
Spring 2020: Nov 1
  • Associate degree in a related area
  • Official documentation of national certification or state license in applicable allied health field
Admission Details
$31,560 (same in-state and out-of-state)
  • Students have access to financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans
Tuition and Financial Aid Details
* Additional fees may apply, including course materials. Tuition rates adjusted annually.
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Faculty Spotlight

My own experience confirms my belief in the importance of education and lifelong learning. I know what it's like to take courses online and to make sacrifices to devote myself to my studies. But I also know the kind of opportunities education opens up.
A photograph of Ana Abad-Jorge

Ana Abad-Jorge

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management & Certificate in Health Sciences Management

After 27 years spent working with the most vulnerable of patients as a pediatric nutritionist with the UVA Health System, Ana decided to pursue her lifelong goal of teaching. She earned her doctorate in higher education and adult learning, and is now program director and assistant professor for the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management and Certificate in Health Sciences Management programs.

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Student Spotlight

The faculty are deeply engaged on an everyday basis with their students. And interacting with classmates working in different parts of health care was eye-opening.
A photograph of Jackie Maier

Jackie Maier


Like many SCPS students, Jackie saw her path to promotion blocked by the absence of a four-year degree on her resumé. As a licensed physical therapist assistant, she found that the health sciences program was a perfect fit for her interests and career aspirations. She was able to transfer credits earned in her applied science associate’s degree program, and is now well on her way to assuming a management role in her field.

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