Student Experience

Support for Students in our Certificate Programs

Once you are admitted to one of our certificate programs, you will have the option to work with our student success coach. The coach is here to help you through the enrollment process, and develop a custom program plan based on your preferred academic timeline. Once you're taking courses the success coach will ensure you're aware of the academic resources available to you, and will be present to help you stay on-track with course assignments. 

We know life happens particularly for adult and professional learners who have many variables impacting their lives. If a life event requires you to adjust your academic plans, the student success coach is a resource to help you adjust your academic plan accordingly. 

Standard Course Schedule

This 18-credit graduate certificate can be completed in 18 months by enrolling in 1 or 2 courses per term. Please note that SCPS may cancel, modify, or make substitutions as deemed necessary in any given semester, which may affect the length of time to complete the certificate.

Required Courses

PSHM 5020 Management of Health Care Organizations 
Offered Every Fall

PSHM 5300 Population Health: Programs, Policy, and Epidemiology 
Offered Every Spring

PSHM 5700 Economics & Finance of Health Care 
Offered Every Spring

PSHM 5805 Health Information Systems and Applications 
Offered Every Summer


PSHM 5080 Legal and Ethical Decision-Making in Healthcare 
Offered Every Summer

PSHM 5330 Intro to Long-term Care Administration 
Offered Spring Odd Years

PSHM 5600 Service Excellence in Healthcare 
Offered Spring Even Years

PSHM 5650 American Health Care 
Offered Every Fall

PSHM 5750 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Care 
Offered Every Spring

HR 5025 Human Resource Management

HR 5050 Organizational Change and Development
Offered Every Other Semester – Currently offered Fall 2024, Summer 2025, and Spring 2026

HR 5115 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Currently offered Fall 2024. Standard schedule still to be determined. 

IT 3220 Strategic Business Value of Information Technology
Offered Each Semester

Other courses may count towards electives with permission of Program Director.

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* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

Transfer Partnerships

Mary Baldwin University

SCPS students earning a certificate in Health Sciences Management are eligible to apply and transfer their credits into Mary Baldwin University’s Murphy Deming’s online Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. No more than eighteen (18) credit hours of graduate course work earned at UVA may be applied to a Murphy Deming Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. Below are the identified course equivalencies applicable to the graduate degree.

Health Sciences Management Courses
University of Virginia Courses Murphy Deming Courses Transferable Credits
PSHM 5020 Management of Health Care Organizations MHA 505 Strategic Planning & Management 3
PSHM 5080 Legal & Ethical Decision Making in Health Care MHA 504 Healthcare Ethics & the Legal Environment 3
PSHM 5300 Population Health: Policies, Programs & Epidemiology MHA 602: Community, Public & Population Health 3
PSHM 5650 American Health Care: Challenges & Opportunities MHA 507 Health Policy & Economics 3
PSHM 5805 Health Information Systems: Applications MHA 603 Healthcare Management & Information Systems 3

For more information, contact: 
Kim McDonald, Ph.D. 
Program Director, MSHA