Courses - Leadership In Human Resources Leadership

Each course is approved for 45 Professional Development Credits (PDSs) by SHRM.  

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Required Courses (4)

HR 5020 Staffing & Career Management
Examines the processes and techniques that establish and govern the flow of interrelated organizational staffing activities. Includes case studies covering the latest staffing models and systems, economic conditions that impact staffing, laws and regulations, strategy and planning, measurement, job analysis, internal and external recruiting, and decision making.

HR 5030 Strategic Compensation
Explores strategic choices in managing compensation through a pay model that is based upon the foundational policy decisions of the compensation system, the means of compensation, and the objectives of the compensation. Includes strategic perspectives, internal consistency, external competitiveness, employee contributions, and administration of the pay system efficiently, equitably, and in compliance with the law.

HR 5040 Organizational Performance Management
Examines the influence of human performance elements (such as quality of work-life, rewards and recognition, job design, teambuilding, and participative management) on organizational performance.

HR 5050 Organizational Change & Development
Enables the student to understand the behavioral concepts and theories that form the foundation of organizational development, the process of change management, and the organizational development techniques and interventions designed to improve organization effectiveness. Explores such concepts and processes as power and influence, conflict, inter-group behavior, decision-making, and communication.


Elective Courses (1)

HR 5005 Talent Management
New course designed expressly for degreed career-switchers with no previous HR experience. Spans the full body of knowledge of Human Resources Management and surveys the impact of the HRM function and its influence upon the organization as a whole. The course overviews the strategic impact of talent management and the labor force on organizations in the 21st century. Reviews the challenges senior leaders face in hiring top talent, while engaging, motivating and retaining the best and brightest employees. 

HR 5060 Transformational Leadership in Human Resources Management
Prepares leaders and managers to meet their organizations’ simultaneous need for stability and change. Reviews the components of the leadership process (goals, leader, followers, and activities), and the psychological, behavioral, sociological, and cognitive underpinnings of leadership strategies.

HR 5112 SHRM Learning System and Exam Preparation
Prepares students to earn highly valued industry certifications (Certified Professional or Senior Certified Professional) through completion of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) certification exams. Uses the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge (BASK) learning system, which defines the standards for knowledge and competencies of HR professionals globally. Enables students to better comprehend and apply HR topics.

HR 5115 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion - Redefining the Workplace
Focuses on issues, challenges, and subtle dynamics that operate in cross-cultural organizations for which students learn to build functional and effective workplace relationships. Participants will learn to manage diversity as an asset to sustainable competitive advantage to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. A framework for the strategic management of diversity, equity, and inclusion will also be developed and discussed.


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